Saturday, October 11, 2014

13 Halloween Bottle Tutorials

Thirty-One Days of Halloween 
Day 8

Halloween Bottles

Happy 8th day of Halloween!
Only 22 days left until Halloween.

Grubby Halloween Bottles
Awesome tutorial from Magia Mia here

Classic White Halloween Bottles
Nice tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets here

Harry Potter Style Potion Bottles
with printable labels from Over the Big Moon Here

I love the look of this bottle

I need one of these cabinets in my Halloween Kitchen!

Everyone needs a little Magic Box

These cute little bottles are made out of beads

I made some of these for the Harry Potter Party
Great tutorial by Dave Lowe Design

I made some of these for the Harry Potter Party as well
Great tutorial HERE

Here is a simple but creepy Bottle
using a rubber snake

Bottles and candles

Halloween Cloche tutorial by Crafts and Coffee

Start collecting your jars. You can use pickle, salsa, olive or any food jars that go thru your kitchen. Also some call for plastic jars and soda bottles. I love projects that reuse items that would normally go to the dump, although I try to reuse and recycle as much as i can.

Here is a quick way to clean your jars.
Soak them in warm soapy water- at least 10 minutes. Most of the labels will come right off but sometimes you have a difficult one with extra sticky glue. For those I use dish soap and a paring (flat blade) knife. After you have removed as much of the glue as you can put dish soap directly on the glue spot and scrape it off with the side of the paring knife. I can usually remove the glue after a few scrubbing times.

Here is a link to my pinterest boards for bottles and labels
I have pinned loads of ideas and free printable labels

I had fun crafting these. I know you will too!
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  1. Thank you for featuring my creations in such utterly fabulous company! Maria (Magia Mia)

  2. These are so clever, and I love how these frightful bottles all repurpose containers you would otherwise throw in the trash. Thank you for including the three cloches, made with plastic soda bottles, from


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