Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"No Thread Left Behind" Project

"No Thread Left Behind" Project

I took an old pair of jeans and cut it into pieces.

*Note that I kept every piece even the threads and chunks that were falling while I was dissecting, I will be using every thread for something   :)

I cut the jeans into the following:
-Cut the seams off the pant legs, kept the sewn seams and have long pieces of jean fabric w/o any sewn seams now.
-Took the back pockets off with a seam ripper.
-Took the zipper out with a seam ripper. Have a zipper to reuse and some jean chunks from the part that covered the zipper.
-I cut the top of the jeans at the seam at the belt area. I removed the belt loops keeping the belt area whole with the button. Have belt loops separate now.
-If you are careful how you cut the jeans around the belt and pocket area you can end up with "inside out" pockets. The front pocket of the jeans are kept as whole pieces. * in the picture, bottom-middle.

Now to get started on transforming the pieces into something new....

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