Thursday, May 5, 2016

Safer Space

I have had toxic people in my life.
They loved me. I loved them.
But they hurt too much.

Separating myself from them was hard
but I have grown stronger because I did.

Healing. Growing. Praying. Listening.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May the Fourth be with you

Happy 4th of May!

I opened a new Etsy shop today

It is called FriggleFraggleFinds (I couldn't get FriggleFraggle)
Still playing with the design and logo
Need to add bio and shop info
but here it is 

Featured are the Star Wars themed items

There are lots of other items and I will be listing more as I go

Wish me Luck! <3
and May the Forth be with you!


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I Don't want to be Married just to be...

Marriage is 

Marriage is hard work and both people have to be willing to work on it or it doesn't exist.
Don't hurt the one you love because you don't know what to do.
Get advice.
Read a book. Pray. Go to a counselor. Talk to each other!

Here is a great book for everyone - single, happily married, or having troubles

His Needs, Her Needs
by Willard F. Harley, Jr.

Read it, Do it.