Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Crafting in a Winter Wonderland

Enjoying the snow but wishing for warmer weather, soon....
This is one of the coldest winters we have had since we moved here - East Tennessee that is. So much cold weather and snow the last few weeks. The schools have been closed but the snow covered hills are alive with children. They have not been to school in two weeks and have the rest of this week planned off because of the next round of snow starting. 

We don't mind. We are a close family and keep very busy with projects. Surprisingly we have not experienced "cabin fever" yet even though we have only been out of the house twice in the last two weeks just to stock up on water and groceries. We have plenty of fire wood and good food. This is a good time of year to bake and try new recipes. We have had a lot of yummy food lately :)

Pinterest has been a good resource for new foods to try. I will share my food board for those interested. My daughter has just started baking on her own and has done an awesome job! She mostly bakes and lately has made chocolate souffles by herself and they turned out delicious. I am so proud of her.

We have lots of projects going too ( we always do!)
On the table I have Fairy Arm Cuffs and Fairy, Gypsy Pocket Belts. My daughter has dog dresses and collars in the making. On another table I have my wand station set up. I have some new designs in the making and will be introducing those soon!!

Yes! I said Barefoot Sandals. I wore them all summer and LOVE them! I know it's too cold to wear them here, now. But, it's not cold everywhere! AND it helps me feel warm thinking about the upcoming warm weather as I put another layer of blankets on ;)

I will be making posts to introduce you to each of the items that I mentioned above and the upcoming ones.

It's cold in my office and I need to go sit by the fire to warm up,
Stay Warm!

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