Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring Day in Winter

Woke up to snow again this morning. It's just in the air at this time. I think the Earth has warmed up some from the nice day we had that is wont stay long. 
Between the snow/rain days we had a nice sunny day. I went for a walk and found some beautiful spring flowers peaking out to bask in the sun.

  The cluster of Daffodils are actually open now.

Cute little purple Crocus was hiding- they are quite small so can often be missed.
Mother Nature is sharing it's love with a
 piece of bark.

I am not sure what kind of flower this is but it's natural around here along with purple Hen-bit (we call those rabbit ears because the flowers look like little bunny ears).

I sat on the large limestone rock that is next to the creek and listened to the water fall over the dam. I closed my eyes and imagined I was at the ocean.

Pieces of nature to use in future projects,
thin strips of bark and sweet gum seed pods.

What a beautiful day! Hopefully I took in enough sun to get me through to the next warm day so I can do this again :)

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