Thursday, March 5, 2015

Harry Potter Magic Wand Pens

Harry Potter Magic Wand Pens

Yes, I said Magic Wand PENS....
You have asked and I made them just for you :)

The Harry Potter Magic Wand Pens are designed like the Harry Potter Magic Wands and Magic Wand Pencils but now you can write your spells with black ink.
* Warning* Only for Advanced Wizards - You can't erase ink

I use a standard black ink pen, sand and polish then design the swirls. Add a few layers of paint to give them the old wand look then cover them in a clear varnish so the paint won't easily rub off.
I love mine and carry it around in my purse. No one will easily run off with my pen!
I offer 5 basic designs but you can request specific styles and colors.
I do offer bulk discounts on items- without individual boxes- if you would like to buy enough for a class room of little wizards, just convo me at and we will discuss the details.

House books go fast so keep checking back for them if you don't see them listed!

Not an advanced wizard yet?
That's okay!
Here are some pencils for you.

Here are more Harry Potter goodies for the fans

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