Thursday, March 5, 2015

Harry Potter Barefoot Sandals

Harry Potter Barefoot Sandals

Yes! They are finally available. After a whole summer of testing these babies out they are ready!!
They have been to the farmer's market, flea Market, craft shows, hikes, through creeks, walks, sports, yoga and worn everyday from sun up to sun down and have endured it all!!

They were designed and crocheted by me using cotton thread, acrylic and metal beads and are offered in Hogwarts House colors 
Gryffindor - Maroon and yellow
HufflePuff - Yellow and Black
Ravenclaw - Blue and Bronze
Slytherin - Green and White

Each one has a laser cut acrylic Deathly Hallows symbol from
a Silver metal owl bead and a gold metal lightning bolt.
It attaches to your toe with a built in toe ring goes up your foot and wraps around your ankle a few times.

Harry Potter Barefoot Sandals
Courage, Chivalry, and Determination- Looking for a hero?

 Loveable, Huggable and Loyal - what good friends are made of. 

 Wit, Wisdom and Creativity - where you go for answers.

Cunning, Resourceful, and Ambitious - But watch your back!

I love Harry Potter and I love these sandals. 
There are other barefoot sandals available if you are not such a Harry Potter fan
One of the biggest sellers last year was the Dream Catcher.They go fast and are hard to keep listed!

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