Thursday, October 2, 2014

For the Love of Candy Corn

Thirty-One Days of Halloween 
Day 2
For the Love of Candy Corn

Happy 2nd day of Halloween!
Only 28 days left until Halloween.
Have you started decorating yet? I just got my Halloween boxes out and started thinking about it today. If I get them out in September my house will be fully decorated and ready before October even begins, so I try to control myself ;)

Today I chose CANDY CORN for the Halloween topic.
I love Candy Corn.
I love the looks, smell and taste (all though I don't eat much of it).
One year I dressed up as a Candy Corn Witch. I even made candy corn jewelry to wear and glued candy corn to my shoes.

Here I will start out with some cute Candy Corn decorations.

Have some extra yarn? These are easy to make!

What a way to reuse those bottles!

**WARNING:This link has the recipe but also has ads and pop-ups

Candy Corn Painted nails :)

Candy Corn Pinata Great for trick-or-treat :)

Candy Corn Pumpkins - Check out the other Pumpkins!

Here is a collection of Candy Corn Crafts

I know we will be making some of these Candy Corn goodies this year!

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