Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Apple Crafts and Recipes

Thirty-One Days of Halloween
Day 1

On the First day of Halloween I have chosen APPLES. We love apples in this house. Eat them all the time.  Our favorites are Gala and Fuji. We enjoy eating them plain and with peanut butter. Apple pies are always a big hit around holidays. Grandma used to get in the kitchen and make 10 pies at a time. As soon as they were coming out of the oven they were driven over to the neighbors, other family members houses and of course eaten at her table. She had the biggest kitchen table I had ever sat at. It was always inviting, filled with delicious foods, family, friends and laughter. I miss that table and Grandma everyday.

Around this time of year we celebrate by going to the Apple Orchard to pick our favorites right off the tree. It is a wonderful experience for young and old. We would get on the trolley that drives around the orchard and makes stops calling out which varieties are available in those areas. You would raise your hand if interested and he would stop at the variety you wanted to pick. The kids would run around the trees playing and spying "the biggest one" here or there. When you were done picking as many as you wanted you could either walk back up to the front of the orchard or you could wait for the trolley to come back around.

At the front of the orchard there is a barn that had apple cider, apple juice and lots of baked apple goodies to purchase and picnic tables to eat at. They also had a children's area where the kids could play games and pick out pumpkins.

Next weekend is the Apple Festival. We have never been but are thinking about it. I will let you know if we do and how it was. Our friend is celebrating his birthday so we will be meeting them at the Spooky Llama trails to see if we can get spooked ;)

Now, how about some apples....

Thinking about having a Halloween Party? Here are some delicious Apple treats
Once Upon A Time or Snow White inspired candy apples. Look at the twigs...

Mini Caramel Apples, Great idea! Less waste.

Bloody Apples -  Great for a Dexter or True Blood themed Party!

Apple Cider is a must in this house the whole month of October! We actually already bought a jug and finished it off before October even began :) We always drink ours warm, add cinnamon and cloves.

These look interesting. Haven't tried this recipe yet but grandma used to make apple Dumplings that we couldn't get enough of!

Then there is the Classic Apple Pie - Can't go wrong with these.

Lastly, I have to add these. They look fun and spooky. Going to get a bag of cheap apples for this...
Dried Shrunken Heads made from apples Cute but Creepy! Make some for decorations and use some in your Apple Cider.

Tell me what kind of Apple goodies you have this time of year.
Now get some Apples and get busy!

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