Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sweater to Skirt Project

How-To   DIY: Sweater to Skirt and Booties Project

If you know me you know that I have sweaters. Not just one or two but many, many more. I not only love to wear them, I like to cut them up and make them into other unique items to wear.
     I found this sweater and knew that I would never wear it just like it was and that it needed some transformation.  It later became a skirt and the sleeves became booties or house slippers perfect for cold winter nights.
Here's how it's done  :)

From this

to this.....
Cut sleeves off
First cut the sleeves off the sweater. Cut seam at shoulders so the top is all the way opened. This will become the bottom of your skirt.

Make a casing and add elastic
Fold the bottom over and make a casing to put the elastic band in. This will be the top of your skirt. Measure your waist with the elastic then cut about an inch shorter. I like my elastic to be a little loose. Use a saftey pin to lead the elastic thru the casing. Careful not to let it twist inside, it will be uncomfortable if the elastic gets flipped. Pull thru and sew elastic closed overlapping the ends. Close up the casing.
Finished skirt
I finished the bottom edges where the neckline and sleeves were. After the sleeves were removed it made slits on each side. You can leave those open or sew them closed. I sewed mine together a little but left some slit on each side.  Skirt is DONE! You can stop there or make the booties to match  :)

Making the booties
Time for the booties. I used a shoe and cut around it on a piece of old sweatshirt to make the bottom of the bootie.
   Turn the sleeve inside out and sew the arm hole to the sweatshirt cut out.
After I sewed it together I had to go back and take in the back of the leg a little. It didn't take much to make it fit snuggly.

Stitch bottom to leg
Booties are DONE!

You can add puff paint to the bottom when you are done if you want to keep from slipping.

Ta-Da!  You are done. New outfit from just one sweater. You can wear the booties in your boots as warmers or just lounging around the house.

Happy Crafting

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