Monday, April 4, 2016

Million Mile Month Week 1-2 Updated

Week 1 April 1-7, 2016

Day 1    2.11 miles @ 40.52 min. 19.03/per mile  Total 2.11 @ 40.52 min  60* nice
Day 2    1.06 miles @ 17.29 min. 16.09/per mile  Total 3.1   @ 57.81 min  50* windy
Day 3    1.07 miles @ 19.50 min. 18.29/per mile  Total 4.24 @ 1.3 hours    60* windy
Day 4    1.07 miles @ 17.46 min. 16.19/per mile  Total 5.31 @ 1.6 hours    60* rainy
Day 5    1.32 miles @ 28.46 min.  20.49/per mile Total 6.63 @ 2.08 hours  40* windy
Day 6    1.04 miles @ 20.59 min.  19.49/per mile Total 7.67 @ 2.43 hours  50* very windy
Day 7    0

Week 2 April 8-14, 2016

Day 8    .38 miles   @ 8.43 min.  22.49/per mile Total 8.05  @ 2.51 hours   50* windy/rain
Day 9    0                                                                                                40* rain/snow
Day 10  0                                                                                                 40* rain
Day 11  1.35 miles @ 31.15 min.  22.58/per mile Total 9.41 @ 3.09 hours  50* cloudy/wet
Day 12  1.36 miles @ 29.52 min.  22.19/per mile Total 10.76 @ 3.59 hours 60* nice
Day 13  1.52 miles @ 30.18 min.  19.31/per mile Total 12.28 @ 4.1 hours 60* beautiful
Day 14

The goal I have set for myself is 30 miles in the Month of April. I figured if I do a mile a day (or more on the days I am up to it- so if I have to skip a day because of weather or schedule, I could be a little ahead) I can accomplish the goal.

I am going to keep a weekly log of my progress. I am mostly walking, jogging or running on a gravel driveway that is on a hill. When I get to go to the track I will note it so I can keep track of the difference in the terrain.

Here are some pics of the driveway that I am using right now. It is convenient because it is just outside of my house and I can just go when I have the time. Going to the track or trail will be nice when I am able to schedule it, but it also means driving longer than I will be working out.

According to the GPS tracking on Map My Run I need to walk down the length of the driveway 9 times and up 8 times to make 1 mile.

Down the driveway

Down the driveway

Up the driveway

Gravel I am treading on :P

I use this time to either clear my mind, pray or listen to music depending on what I need at the time.
It is getting easier each day. The weather is also getting nicer. It has been quite windy the last few days though and it rained on me on day 4 but I kept on going.
The wind and cooler weather makes it harder for me to stay out for very long. I can't handle the cold very well.

P.S. I don't like being in the rain because I will melt :P
No, I am not a witch, I am made out of sugar :D

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