Thursday, April 14, 2016

Blueberry Farm

Yesterday I went to the farm to see what the state of the blueberries were after the frosty nights we have had.  The bushes are loaded with blossoms but many have been kissed by the frost and won't turn into delicious blueberries :( 

All the little pink blossoms would have been blueberries
These bushes are about 25+ years old 
They stand over 6' tall and about the same wide
This variety is a southern Rabbit Eye
The berries are large and sweet

The poor little brown flowers are the ones that were frosted

These seem to be untouched :)

 These are a variety that are more tolerant of the cold weather
They are called Northern High Bush

These are my favorite kind
They have a strong tart blueberry flavor
We make many smoothies and freeze as many of these as we can

The bushes are much smaller and don't produce as much
as the southern Rabbit eyes
They are only about 5' tall and about 2-3' wide
They are the about the same age as the others

While the Borer bee is very annoying around the house and barn 
They are vital to the blueberries
They help open the blossoms so the honey bees can get to them
and are one of the first pollinators seen at the farm

If you haven't picked blueberries at a farm you should try it at least once
to see how they grow and have a real, fresh blueberry
be warned though:
 you might not be able to eat the store blueberries again ;)

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