Thursday, March 24, 2016

Natural Beauty

 I try to stop, pay attention and really take in the unique qualities of each thing we are given everyday. Some people walk right past them. Either too busy to notice or think they will be there to enjoy later. But that later may never come.
Enjoy what you have because it may not be the same the next time you want or need it.
This could be your only opportunity.
Seize the day. 

Take the Dandelion for example.
It starts out as a little green leaf and grows a beautiful bright yellow flower.
It looks like a little sun in the yard. Attracting bees and butterflies.

Then it transforms.
It grows old.
Does anyone pay attention to that beautiful flower anymore?

It is now just a dull weed to some.
To others it is a WISH.
It is a dream in a little puff ball.
It is still just as beautiful as the flower.

You chose how you want to see it.
I choose to see the beauty.

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