Monday, May 18, 2015

Unicorn Horn Headband ~Isabella

Unicorn Horn Headband ~Isabella

I have been busy playing with clay again. This time I have been thinking about woodland and fantasy creatures.  
Well, I am actually ALWAYS thinking about woodland and fantasy! 
Today I started listing some finished items in the SHOP.
I will keep adding them as I finish and picture them.

This one is all about Unicorns
I have made a small group of Unicorn Horn Headbands.
Each one is handmade and unique so if you see one you like and it is not available I can make something similar but not exact.

I hand sculpted the horn from clay, baked and sealed it in a clear varnish to protect it and give it a nice shine.

Affixed it to a light blue fabric wrapped headband.
Embellished with blue & white flowers and berries.

Gave it soft white fur ears.

Included a wide white ribbon.

This beautiful headband is comfortable to wear and stays in place.

Here are a few others that will be available soon!

I have really enjoyed making these and wear my little deer horns all the time :)

Until next time
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