Saturday, October 4, 2014

31 Awesome Halloween Movies

Thirty-One Days of Halloween 
Day 4

Halloween Movie Night

Happy 4th day of Halloween!
Only 26 days left until Halloween.

We are not feeling well today. A cold front has moved in and left a chill in the air. It has soaked into my bones so all I want to do is hang out on the couch under a blanket watching movies.
 I decided this would be a good day to list some of our favorite Halloween movies and others that we might watch.

~Children's Movies~

5.  Labrynth
7. Casper
10. E.T.

~Other Popular SCARY movies~

2. House
16. The Fog
18. IT
20. The Fly
25. Carrie
26. Psyco
27. The Birds

There are some oldie but goodies in there. Movies that I grew up watching. 
Time to get settled in and get scared!!
Keep warm.
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