Saturday, May 17, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

Thrift Store finds of the day....

 Bird cage, flower holder, old umbrella, misc tea cups, bracelets and tiny cauldron.

I love going to thrift stores. I have been to many and always have a favorite. Right now my favorite is one that I visit a couple times a month. Sometimes I pop in to look for specific items, other times I get lost for hours looking through every nook.

I want thrift stores to succeed but I tend to stay away from the big box stores that have prices that aren't so thrifty. When I first started thrifting here I found a little hole in the wall where everything was very cheap. .50 for a pair of jeans .25 and .50 for other clothing. It was more like yard sale prices and there was new stuff all the time. I could afford to clothe myself and my children through those stores and dress nice like I had shopped at the mall.

Eventually the stores that I frequented raised their prices and were comparable to Walmart prices- for used clothes- sorry NO. I had to find some new ones to scavenge.  Then I found this one. It is ran by a church in our small town. It started out in a room attached to a construction business. They became so popular that they had to expand and ended up moving to a bigger store. The prices were raised a little because of the rent for the new store.

Now though, I guess like everything else, the prices are starting to get out of my range. Time to start hunting for a new one :) I will still shop there though until they are no longer reasonable. So lets hope they stay this way a little longer.

Here are a few great finds for today.
This is a lovely Sage Green metal bird cage with cute little metal birds on it. It has 2 hinges allowing it to open at the top.

Here is a metal wall sconce for flowers. It's not too old but it has seen some use. I will give it a nice coat of paint. I seem to be attracted to these for some reason but I don't hang flowers on my wall. 

I always grab the metal bracelets or bangles. I wear them, give them to friends and upcycle them. I will do a post of the ways I upcycle them sometime.

Lately I have been making Mossy Terrariums and Jars. I have been wanting to do a tea cup Mossy Terrarium so when I saw these I thought they would be cute to start with.

To go along with the mossy Terrarium tea cups I thought this little cauldron would be a cute addition.

Last but not least the ugly stained old umbrella. I plan on removing the cover and turning it into a crocheted sun parasol to help keep the hot summer sun off my head. I have already had a sunburn once this year. No fun for my light skin!

Well, I hope you enjoyed viewing my finds today. I will post what the items are transformed into.

Check back for updates and pics of other finds!


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