Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine Gifts for your Best Friend

Here are some awesome gifts for your Best Friend from video game geeks to princess' that need saving....
One of my favorites. The Pixel Heart Friendship Necklaces from LicketyCut.
You can wear it as one necklace which is a full heart, or you can share your heart and it becomes two.

Pokemon fans can show their love by sporting this jewel. As with the Pixel Heart Friendship pair you can wear this as one whole Pokeball or share it with your friend.

Here you can give someone the key to your heart!
Such beautiful bright colors sure to be noticed.

Iron Man fans unite!
Two transparent blue disks representing the Mark I and Mark IV

For the Iron Man fans that like to enjoy the night :)

Portal Fans these are for you!
"In one and out the other"
Caution- you will never know what someone might try to send to you through the portal ;)

Here is another companion pair for the Portal lovers!
Don't leave home without your companion.
This set is laser engraved with beautiful detail. A 3d heart to show the LOVE of your cube.

Paragon or Renegade
Can't decide? This is the set for you! 
The Paragon is a bright transparent blue and the Renegade is a beautiful transparent red.

For the assassin in you. Choice of shiny black or transparent red.

I am not responsible for the excitement you are about to feel!

I think that is pretty self explanatory!

What a lovely pair.
One yellow bat on a black background and one yellow bat cut out on a black background.

What is better then a pair of Retro Batman Necklaces?
These are! Matching Rings! Don't forget to pick these up to go with your Retro Necklaces.

This amazing pair of friendship necklaces lock together to form one necklace 
or split it with your Batman Love!

Such lovely and amazing pieces of wearable art to choose from and many. many more at LicketyCut.
Be sure to check out the other items there as well.
Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Minecraft, Mario and Legend of Zelda
just to name a few.

Time to go fill my Valentine list!

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