Sunday, January 12, 2014

Be Happy!

Christmas is over and another year has gone. I don't know about you but this year sped by faster than I realized! Time for a new year. 2014. Wow. 2014...When I was a kid 2014 was so far away, the future. Now here it is. We are in the future.

Let's talk about New Year's Resolutions. Who actually makes New Year's Resolutions and keeps them? You make this list of things that you would like to do or change, then burden yourself with it everyday if you don't do the things on your list. Leaving you to feel guilty or unaccomplished with yourself. STOP! You don't have to do that! Make that your New Year's resolution. To stop making such a crazy list of things that takes years to do, not just one.

 I have gone from making a long list of resolutions to making one or two things that I really want to accomplish.  I can actually keep them now. This year my New Year's Resolution is to BE HAPPIER! Be Happy! Don't let things get me down, people get me down. Enjoy my life. Enjoy my time with my children. They are growing so fast before my eyes. This life is speeding by and time is so much shorter than we all realize. I want to spend that time being happy!

So, think hard about what you want for your New Year's Resolution. It's not too late. You can change your list now.
I chose mine, my one resolution. It may seem easy but it is one that I have to work hard on everyday.

Happy New Year,

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