Sunday, September 23, 2012

Craft and Sewing Classes

Craft and Sewing Classes

I am now offering Craft and Sewing classes by group and individually.
There will be set class times for some, others are by appointment.

Follow me here or like my Facebook page for upcoming events.

Special introductory rate low class fees 

1)Fabric Flower -$5
2)Blue Jean Bracelet-$5
3)Blue Jean coffee Cozy-$5
4)Flower Fairy or Flower Friend-$5
5)Bead Bug Pin Fairy Fly-$10
6)Decorate Glass Jar Necklace-$5
7)Applique on pillow cover-$10
8)Make a pillow cover-$10
9)Simple Skirt-$15
10)Leather Cuff-$20
11)Patchwork Sweater Jacket-$150

I will be adding more classes as we go along, so keep checking back :)

You can contact me here or on Facebook 


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