Saturday, February 11, 2012

T-Shirt Bags Project

              T-shirt Bag Project!

Ok, who is ready for another project? This one is quick and easy. You can make one or many in just a short time.

 All you will need is:* some old t-shirts that you love but are stained or you have grown tired of wearing but just can't get rid of,-those are the best :)  *a good pair of scissors and *a safety pin.

Now, Go grab those shirts and Get ready for some fun.

Step 1: Pick your shirt and cut off the sleeves. I cut them on the outside of the seam so the seam is left on the shirt. It seems to give it a little more support, as they will be your handles, but this is up to you. Cut open the sleeve at the seam and cut off the sewn edge. With the sleeve open cut it into long 1/4" wide strips. These are important, they will be the ties for the bag. Pull the strips so they stretch out. Set the strips aside for now.

Step 2:Cut off the neck. Start on one side of the neck and cut down toward the bottom of the shirt then curve around to follow slightly below the ribbed neck line. This will be the opening for your bag.

Step 3:Make 3 small cuts in the bottom seam of your t shirt, make sure you don't cut thru the sewn seam that holds it together. Space them equally apart. I cut one slit on the top- in the middle and two on the bottom -about a quarter of the way in on each side. Just eye it or get your tape out but it won't matter if you are close  :) This should make a little casing to slide your fabric thru.
Step4:Time for the little strips of fabric that you put to the side. Take the 3 longest ones and put a safety pin on one end of one. Slide it thru one cut section of the shirt seam. Then do the same for the other two sections. Your strips should be long enough they won't slip back thru the other side.

Step 5:Pull each section tight. Tie the sections. I double knotted. Then take one strip and tie it to the next section strip all the way around until they have all been tied with another section. (I did this just to make sure it is strong enough, you can tie it how you feel suitable for you).

There! Done! Now you have your very own handmade t-shirt bag.

I made a few. I will be giving some out as gift to friends and family.
We will be doing this craft with the young ladies in our Girl's Club on Monday at Co-op. I hope they enjoy it :)
These are great for carrying groceries, If I can remember to bring them with me!

Let me know how you did.
Happy Crafting!
~Friggle Fraggle~

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