Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SPRING Winter Cleaning....

SPRING Winter Cleaning....

With the weather still cold and dreary it would be a good time to start on your spring cleaning. Because I know when spring gets here and the weather is nice enough I will be out side enjoying it, not rummaging in my dark closets.

As you are going thru your clothing, make sections
*Keep- the things you wear often.
*upcycle- the things that you see potential in becoming something else.
*donate- the things that you really don't like.

Now depending on how much you have and how much room you need to make, think about the donate box.
`Can you give an item to a friend and they will like it how it is or does your friend make faces at you every time you wear it? If your friend will take it, give it to her. If she makes faces at it, think about if you can change it to make it into something she might like, then give it to her as a "unbirthday" gift, if not, Donate it to a local Thrift Store or church clothes closet, because someone will most likely want it :) !

I have already started mine- 3 days in and counting! I am aiming to see every corner and crack in this house by spring.

How do you Spring Clean? Leave a note and share your tips!

Happy Cleaning!

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